Who We Are


Ali Majid founded Al-Marasi International Company more than 13 years ago, when he was only 24 years old, freshly graduate engineer with the aim to of providing high standard of supply chains solutions as well as transport links throughout Basra region with Kuwait and Middle of Iraq.
The idea started upon a gentlemen agreement with Mr. Nivil Ali who was the owner of a company into same field of activity called Al-Marasi National Company back in 2006 to start same business in Iraq but Mr. Nivil decided not to continue into the agreement due to personnel issues while Mr. Ali decided to carry out the business and continue the establishment.
Ever since then the journey of Al Marasi has started focusing on all General Trading fields especially agricultural and vehicles trade, in addition to the trade of consumables such as auto spare parts, plastics and complementary tools.
In 2010, with the beginning of the renaissance of oil projects in the Republic of Iraq, the German Bertling Logistics group was looking for the possibility of entering the Iraqi market, and in a meeting between Mr. Ali Majed and Mr. Toro Titanoglu, a mechanism was agreed to enable Bertling Company to legally establish its first pillars in Iraq.
Thus, the professional relationship continued through accomplishing dozens of successful logistic projects for the benefit of the largest international oil companies operating in Iraq until this relationship culminated in the Al Marasi International Company obtaining an exclusive commercial representation from Bertling International Company on 1/7/2019.
It is worth mentioning that Bertling is a German Company founded in the city of Lubeck in northern Germany by Friedrich Bertling in 1865, and it is considered to be one of the oldest companies in the world in the field of providing logistics services for projects, which gave Al Marasi International the experience to adopt Bertling Company's work policies and to be a real partner in Iraq and Middle east region.